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Sketch from Sketching Group Meeting
I’ve just been complimented on my blog by the very kind owner of Devious Creations, and of course toodled across to their blog/website for a nose at what they are up to as a result.

I was immediately very interested to read their blog about attending an Artists and Illustrators meet up at The Hunterian Museum in London for some informal sketching.

Not only because I’ve never heard of the place before and it sounds fascinatingly gruesome, but also because I too have only just recently started attending a similar group myself in my local city (Birmingham).

Observe that Devious Creations have connected with their group via, and having used before myself many times for various events, I can advise that it’s an excellent resource and if you’re an artist/illustrator interested in this sort of thing you may well be able to find a group like this in your own area.

My own group met for the first time about a month ago and further below you can see the bizarre result of my own sketch from the evening I spent with them.

I’m afraid my own group is a bit more debase in the fact that we meet in pubs rather than culturally rich environments such as museums :D

Although we picked a very visually interesting pub with things I could have copied, I prefer to draw things out of my own mind rather than sketch what I see. However when I’m at a loss for what to draw I have a firm habit of drifting towards naked people or trees … hence the result you see before you.

Either that, or it was the several glasses of wine I consumed whilst sketching :P

We meet again tomorrow night coincidentally, I shall try not to draw trees and naked ladies again. Last month the group had a good turnout and was comprised of professional artists, hobbyists, and art/design students and so was an excellent and very interesting mix of people.

Sketch from Sketching Group Meeting

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