Fun Times; Monster Illustrations

Monster Illustration

I’m very lucky to have a constant stream of very enjoyable graphic design projects, all very diverse. This one was particularly fun and I found myself getting quite carried away!

This project is all about monsters.

I must have had a premonition a few weeks ago when I was doodling design concepts and in the middle of them there were monsters where no monsters belong and in my breakdown of that project I said that I couldn’t quite understand why I’d drawn a monster on the page twice.

Then I find myself drawing monsters a few short weeks later. It’s not like I draw monsters all the time, I haven’t drawn a monster in about three years.

Oooo …. I’ll be holding readings next. Doodle readings?

Now though I was commissioned to design just one simple ‘cute monster’ by unique funky fashion brand Kicsi, once I’d drawn the first character, which was basic and without props, I couldn’t quite stop myself from adorning further monsters of the same base style with illustrations of Kicsi products! :)
Monster Illustration
I had to stop myself after the hat and the blanket, but why not take a visit to the Kicsi store, they have some great original fashions and accessories for children, some of which you will recognise in my drawings above.
Monster Illustration

UPDATE – 24.10.08
Now the client has been having some fun with these monsters!!
Monster Illustration

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