Facebook! We’ve Arrived

Like us!! (Please) :’(

Like Us!!

Why? Oh .. errrm… errrm…. well because you will get to see all the things that no one else sees. Weekly project work that NEVER hits the blog or website.

2 Responses to “Facebook! We’ve Arrived”

  • I like it and now, have liked it! We have done a few of these for clients now and when I noticed that you could add your own custom-HTML tabs, I was impressed with the opportunities to make it look cool. I swear to god that as soon as I get a legit minute, I’ll do one for our own site – erm, like I’ve said a thousand times before :D

    Nice work, keep it up.

  • I did notice that some businesses seem to have their more customised, but anything outside of ‘drawing’ gets too technical for me! :D

    Hope you find the will to get your page up soon! It took me about three months of saying I was going to do it to ACTUALLY do it.

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