Logo Design Casestudy; So Shall Bea

Company Logo Design

So Shall Bea came to us in November looking for a new company identity for their already flourishing business startup; a business offering email marketing services, and follow up social media support for content sharing.

The design brief included the need to be create a strong image representing an ‘enthusiastic’ brand, and that this image ideally be ‘quirky’ in some way.

I’ll go through the logo design concepts presented to the client, one by one.

Logo Design Concept 1
The first two concepts revolve around the theme of a genie granting wishes, on the basis that the company name indicates wish fulfilment that sounds distinctly genie-like in style. In this first logo design concept the genie has been depicted using soft flowing lines as the client felt they would like to see something using thin lines, plus feminine and flowing, and includes a suggested splash of hot pink as part of the colour scheme.

The genie here is granting the wish of newsletter creation and delivery and we see this swooshing out of it’s hand. On it’s chest there is a superhero style motif containing the letter shapes S and B merged together.

Company Logo Design

Logo Design Concept 2
This second concept, again maintaining the genie theme of wish fulfilment offers a very different style of genie; harder lines and a more masculine appeal rather than being female biased (which was my recommendation). Once more, newsletters fly out of the hand, granting a wish.

Company Logo Design

Logo Design Concept 3

While logo design concepts 1 and 2 were very well received, So Shall Bea opted to proceed with the below design, with no amendments required.

As you can see it’s a huge departure from the genie theme, as I felt that the third concept should be something completely different in concept and so suggested a completely different idea should be presented for this concept. Hopefully it’s very clear to anyone, what is going on in this design.

It’s bold, quirky, practical for web and print, and comes with a good dash of humour.

Company Logo Design

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