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Company Identity Design

Last week I developed a company identity for a newly formed arm of Cariad Hynotherapy – called after some brainstorming; Olympian Mindset.

The company name led to some interesting research which evolved into a design concept that the client was immediately happy with. We are now moving onto stationery design and front end web design to compliment the new logo identity and provide the first base materials for marketing activity.

Below I explain more about the research and rationale behind the design.

Olympian Mindset will offer hypnotherapy for sports and performance coaching, utilising experience and skills from the existing successful Cariad Hypnotherapy business, which was launched in Spring of 2008 (brand identity for Cariad also managed by ourselves).

Olympian Mindset will offer hypnotherapy for increased results; to businesses, to individuals looking for improved career performance and sports people looking to excel.

Olympian: The Olympians are a group of 12 gods who ruled after the overthrow of the Titans (Remember the movie Clash of The Titans!? Starring Harry Hamlin of TV show LA Law..oh the things I remember).

After reading a synopsis of each Olympian God, I found that the most interesting Olympian out of the 12 with regards to Olympian Mindset was Hermes:

Hermes is Zeus messenger. He is the fastest of the gods and known for his athleticism. He wears winged sandals, a winged hat, and carries a magic wand. He is the god of thieves and god of commerce, as well as god of athletics. He is the guide for the dead to go to the underworld. He invented the lyre, the pipes, the musical scale, astronomy , weights and measures, boxing, gymnastics, and the care of olive trees.

I felt it interesting that Hermes is the god of commerce (money/business/career) and also the fastest who invented boxing and gymnastics and being the god of atheletics, and thus I suggested that for the first concept I’d like to explore developing a simplistic representation of Hermes as part of the identity.

Company Identity Design

The image above displays many of the elements sitting on my artboard before I started work on the design. We have two different samples of Hermes, a client explanation of core values and a description of Hermes as a character.

In addition, not shown, I had some samples of logo designs from a similar industry the client had pointed out admiring, along with designs she didn’t think were ‘good’.

I always present clients with a range of high quality logo images to point out ‘likes and dislikes’ from before I start designing, I feel it helps to establish the sort of style of image they want to reflect, and the research looking for logos in a similar industry slightly reduces the risk of accidental design duplication.


Company Identity Design

Above is the completed and accepted design concept.

On the left we have a very subtly winged Hermes. He is happy because of course he is successful and a winner. The smile also helps to make it clear that we have a head sitting above the ‘shoulders/body’ that is the letter M. The letter M points down in a way that implies a suit, which with the absence of a tie is non-gender specific suit, and indicates that winners can be winners in business/career and not just sports.

The tagline did change, this tagline was simply a placeholder suggestion whilst more thought was put into the company tagline.

The design is completely grey because I felt that two tone grey worked really well and because there is quite a lot going on in the image in terms of the readability of the letters because we have a character that we need people to see integrated with the lettering.

I found after testing it, that when a colour is added to this design it renders it harder to read because it adds an extra dimension of ‘something going on in the design’ and hence more clutter/confusion. It doesn’t improve the design in any way to add colour, instead it reduces the effectiveness of the design.

To add colour, we can choose a secondary brand colour for whenever the logo is in application to bring colour to your brand image, such as in the business card rough mock up below.

Company Identity Design

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