No Starbucks, No!

I just spotted this courtesy of Owen Turner’s Tweet. What are you doing Starbucks eh?

Starbucks Rebrand

I think it’s a mistake to remove the company name simply because it’s an internationally recognised symbol.

They simplified it in 1992 – this removed some needless clutter within the image and pulled the character ‘closer’ and thus and was a good thing. Now it seems to me they are simplifying it further for no good reason.

I feel it has given their identity a ‘cheap’ look as it no longer looks like a long established brand with history. It looks like some new fangled coffee shop that opened up in my local town, with cheap signage and plastic seats and which will close in 3mths to be replaced by The Easter Shop.

If they wanted to represent their more diverse range of products they just needed to change or remove the word coffee.

ALSO – where is the warm dark brown colour? Now we just have cold and unwelcoming green only.

Read the rationale from Starbucks, which to be honest I haven’t had time to read yet. There is a video also.

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