Beautiful Classical Dubstep

dysphemic and eliza dubstep

A while ago I blogged about the gorgeous Nero Dubstep Symphony shown on the BBC.

This week I was sent an email by a producer called Dysphemic wanting me to listen to his own dubstep works with a classical violinist called Miss Eliza. I sort of wanted to listen, but then I got busy …

Thankfully they sent me up a second email harrassing me to listen to their stuff. AND I’m glad they did! Thanks guys! :D

I really do love dubstep, but it’s hard to find anything that sounds fresh and interesting in this genre, and I think this definitely is.

So I stole their photo and logo after rummaging around Google images and what not for them, put them together with the mp3 I downloaded of one of their fab tracks, and uploaded it all to youtube for your viewing pleasure!

Hopefully they will forgive me – they DID want me to blog about them after all! :) You can follow their work and listen to more music and live performances via:


I for one will be listening to this very loud through my earphones many times over later tonight when I’ve finished work :D

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