Getting Creative With Facebook

Facebook Cover Designs

Though we all grow weary of Zuckerbergs desire to constantly change the Facebook system, all the creative types must surely be loving the new cover feature that allows us to plaster up a giant 850×315 pixel image behind our profile picture.

It’s a great place for an artist to showcase their work, or even just their illustrations, photography and art for fun. Like this cover I drew last night after work :)

Facebook Cover Designs

Facebook Cover Designs

I’ve been a bit obsessed with baking pretty cupcakes of late, and my Facebook friends have endured photos of of my creations, and thus thought this quite an appropriate replacement for the cupcakes photo I had up there :D

Facebook Cover Designs
My pretty cupcakes!

I could be all creative with the area itself like some of these designers who have enjoyed playing with the combination of the profile photo and the space behind, but I’m not really interested in clever tricks, more just enjoying the big space to showcase my doodles when I get a moment to do one :)

Whilst this one is for fun on my own ‘personal’ Facebook page – I should imagine there will now be a growing requirement for professionally designed Facebook cover designs for those business owners who have a professional profile at Facebook for business networking and want their business well presented behind their noggin.

If YOU need such a thing, you know where to come! :D

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