Old Vector Illustration Projects

Vector Illustration of a House

I have some new illustration work coming up; drawing a building frontage and floor plans for my client to use in a presentation to the bank for their latest business development plans which involve purchasing a show room.

While discussing potential ‘drawing styles’ for the building frontage I remembered a highly relevant vector illustration project from 2006 worth showing them, where I was commissioned to draw an illustrated model/mock up of a smart home to be used in the marketing for a range of smart home technologies. Read the rest of this entry »

Eggs-traordinary Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing Design

I just had a bit of fun copy writing and designing the Easter marketing for long standing client Active Smile, and proving along with it, that you can use just about any celebration in the yearly calendar of events and incorporate it in your marketing. In other words, the event gives you an excuse to remind your customer base that you exist. Read the rest of this entry »

Insects In Graphic Design

Insects used in graphic design

I was just admiring the The Hudson Made Scullery Soap packaging over at my favourite (is there any other that compares?) packaging design blog The Dieline, when I pondered that I really do like the use of flies in graphic design; making something rather ugly and dirty into something beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

Artist Sketchbooks

I thought I’d share with you a couple of recent sketches I’ve done. No reason for them, other than the fun of doodling when I get a spare moment :-)

Artist Sketchbooks Read the rest of this entry »

Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design

I was excited to receive new product samples in the post from identity design client Essentials for Men this week. They’ve stamped their identity (and our label designs) onto their latest addition to the Essentials For Men product range, all due to be sold in their online shop once launched.

Essentials for Men has been an end to end identity design and branding project for us; starting with company logo design and including stationery design, product labelling, and front end web design. Now a registered Trademark Essentials for Men will be offering luxury men’s skincare, bodycare, gift sets and accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Doodles

Google Doodles; commemorative illustrations

I have been admiring the Google logo today (above), one of their better designs I think. It commemorates the life and work of Grace Hopper, who was a pioneering American computer scientist and US navy rear admiral.

Strangely it has taken me until this moment to wonder exactly who creates the commemorative illustrations for the Google logos? Is it one person slaving away at them? Two? A massive team of people?

I decided to do some research and found out some interesting things. Read the rest of this entry »

Logo Design Casestudy; So Shall Bea

Company Logo Design

So Shall Bea came to us in November looking for a new company identity for their already flourishing business startup; a business offering email marketing services, and follow up social media support for content sharing.

The design brief included the need to be create a strong image representing an ‘enthusiastic’ brand, and that this image ideally be ‘quirky’ in some way.

I’ll go through the logo design concepts presented to the client, one by one. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Following a recent book cover design project, Wealth For Women were kind enough to post me the book itself once printed.

The book, which is a woman’s guide to achieving financial security, needed a cover design that conveyed the sense of a confident financially independent woman. I decided that a classy illustration was a good way to go and the below book design was born. Read the rest of this entry »

Logo Design Project

Logo Design Concepts

I thought I’d share a recent logo design project with you, the design concepts presented and the revisions leading up to the final design.

Inspire Reiki are a relatively new, but successful business local to Truly Ace and contacted us to discuss an overhaul of their brand image as part of their ongoing business development, starting with a logo design and business cards.

The logo design in force for Inspire Reiki at the time of approach, is shown below.

Logo Design Concepts

Read the rest of this entry »

Peter Brookes, Artist For The Times; Copyright Theft?

This blog questions whether Peter Brookes, multi-award-winning political cartoonist for The Times newspaper has blatantly ripped off my original art piece, lovingly painted last week, or whether it’s just a terrible ‘coincidence’ of two artists thinking the same way at exactly the same time.

On the evening of Friday 18th October I began painting something straight from my heart for my art shop Taylor Two that I was rather proud of in terms of it’s styling and originality. Read the rest of this entry »