Want Your Brand To Be Original?

All brands want to be unique and memorable and in pursuit of that usually promote their business through the distribution of original and useful marketing content. Now, would you release original content unique to your brand, and then attempt to lure your readers in with non original imagery or video content to sit alongside that message? Yes you would, I know you would (well many of you anyway) because I see businesses doing it week in week out. Stock photos and illustrations may be cheap and of the very highest quality, but using them is similar to repeating the same written content word for word as other businesses in your sector. It hardly convinces your customers that you have something

Business Videos Don't Have To Be Boring

We've been having fun with video production again. Videos have become increasingly important for business marketing as the lengths you need to go to to catch and hold customer attention becomes more sophisticated by the day. Click the HD cog to view this video in higher quality. Gone are the days when a simple static image would excite viewers. With social media platforms awash with videos and vblogging, any business interested in staying ahead of the game needs to consider carefully about whether putting video marketing into the mix could be a game changer for them. Above is our recent website introduction video for Nirvana Piercing and Tattoo studio. As you can see, we can be more interest

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