Graphic Design Visionaries

Laurence King Publishing have kindly given us an early viewing of 'Graphic Design Visionaries' by Caroline Roberts, due to be released in August 2015. Founder of Grafik magazine Caroline Roberts, shows us graphic design examples from 75 of the worlds most influential designers, arranged in chronological order. Graphic Design Visionaries is quite a tome and showcases the work of designers such as April Greiman, A.M Cassandre, Bruno Munari, Eric Nitsche, Tom Eckersley, Paul Rand, Alan Fletcher, Herb Lubain, Saul Bass, Lora Lamm, Tadanori Yokoo and Milton Glaser to name just a few ... as well as providing a biography of each designer featured.

10 Graphic Designer Myths ... that are secretly true.

Who is your graphic designer? Who is this strange creature that sits before you with a mind full of creative starbursts and coffee constantly on the boil? There is a typical clichéd impression of the average 'designer/artist' in most people's minds eye, lets go through these ridiculous theories one by one. 1. We Drink Coffee By The Bucketload Come on now? Our 'profession' makes us want to drink coffee to excess? That's just silly *slurp*. Yes, it's true. After being in the company of them for over a decade I'd estimate that 90% of designers have a coffee problem. I'm putting it down to the fact that most creative types don't want to get out of bed at a normal working hour and are naturally n

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