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Business Videos Don't Have To Be Boring

We've been having fun with video production again. Videos have become increasingly important for business marketing as the lengths you need to go to to catch and hold customer attention becomes more sophisticated by the day.

Click the HD cog to view this video in higher quality.

Gone are the days when a simple static image would excite viewers.

With social media platforms awash with videos and vblogging, any business interested in staying ahead of the game needs to consider carefully about whether putting video marketing into the mix could be a game changer for them.

Above is our recent website introduction video for Nirvana Piercing and Tattoo studio. As you can see, we can be more interesting than just smoothly sequencing through some images. Businesses that take their own video footage for editing in with any imagery, really will pack some interesting punch into their videos.

The golden rule with all marketing, and it goes for video marketing too - always keep your video short and sweet, as attention spans have considerably dwindled since the dawn of the Internet age.

Video reinvents high street display

Video is a growing trend in retail display marketing now too, with retailers using video window displays over and above printed posters.

Our longstanding client Active Smile recently made the move to digital display units outside of their premises, which allow videos as well as static 'posters', shown below.

The Active Smile brand was developed by Truly Ace and Active Smile have been working with Truly Ace in excess of 15 years for all of their marketing needs.

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