Protecting Your Copyright

In the UK there is no official registration procedure or place to register your copyright ownership, as copyright is an unregistered right requiring no official action to 'effect'. Copyright comes into effect immediately as soon as something is created, and whilst registering your ownership isn't necessary it's a good idea to mark your work with a copyright symbol ©. This includes your company logo design and anything else that is original to your business; whether that be words or images or a combination of both. The types of works protected by Copyright law include; original literary works such as novels, manuals, lyrics, original dramatic works, original musical works, and original works

10 Logo Design OriginalityTips

With billions of logo designs in use across the globe, how important is it that YOUR logo design is original? Very is the answer. It's important that you are marketing your business with an original brand identity so that you can stand out as different from your competitors and also so that you can avoid costly lawsuits for copyright theft if your own logo design is too similar to another businesses identity. I'm not saying it's easy to be original, and it's always possible there is something 'a bit similar' out there in the cosmos no matter how good your intentions, however, while there may be billions of logos, there are also likewise billions of different company names and industry types

Your Logo Design Brief

For most customers, a logo design brief starts with the company name, a picture of a logo design they like, and ends with a two line explanation of what the company does. We're not complaining, that's fine, it's our job to guide you through the logo design briefing stage. So what sort of things 'do' we need to ask you? Your Company Name Your logo design very much revolves around the company name and so this is vital information of course, but delving a bit further than the name only; perhaps you can tell us how the name came about and what it means for your brand. Does it have any special significance or background? Tagline A tagline is a very short explanatory line that sits permanently alo

Illustration Artists

Illustration, aside from being a pleasurable hobby for many has widely used in the business world for marketing and advertising purposes. Illustration artists are employed by companies worldwide to create illustrations for a wide range of purposes; technical illustrations, character illustrations, lifestyle illustrations, fashion illustrations and more. Illustration has been widely used since the dawn of mankind, to well ... 'illustrate' one's meaning with pictures rather than words, and naturally was the forerunner to photography. Illustration artists have been available to businesses since industry and the exchange of money began, with some of the most memorable illustrated marketing messa

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