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Animal Logo Designs

It's not uncommon for business owners to want to use an effigy of their pet for their company branding, and so recently we were presented with this dog photo to use as a guide and inspiration for the company logo design.

A cute chap, and this is how we translated him into a company logo mascot. We weren't actually advised to include the tie, but clearly it was the obvious choice to include the tie into the branding.

Dog pet logo design

We've been creating quite a few 'animal logo designs' lately. Usually not derived from pet photos that are provided but just for companies that have used animals in their company name, or are in animal related industries.

I think we enjoy these as of course they offer the opportunity to be illustrative in some cases, which is always creatively enjoyable. In other instances the animal is more icon based.

Animal logo design

Bird logo design

Pet logo design

Bird logo design

Animal logo design

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