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Your Logo Design Brief

For most customers, a logo design brief starts with the company name, a picture of a logo design they like, and ends with a two line explanation of what the company does.

We're not complaining, that's fine, it's our job to guide you through the logo design briefing stage. So what sort of things 'do' we need to ask you?

Your Company Name

Your logo design very much revolves around the company name and so this is vital information of course, but delving a bit further than the name only; perhaps you can tell us how the name came about and what it means for your brand. Does it have any special significance or background?


A tagline is a very short explanatory line that sits permanently alongside your logo design at all times. We need to know what your tagline is if you're having one because adding one into a completed logo at a later date almost as an afterthought can be very problematic.

Your Offering

What products and/or services do you provide for your customers?

If you are a retailer, it's extremely useful if you are able to show us a

few photos of your product range; this gives us a real feel for what

sort of customers you aim to attract.

How You Will Be Selling

How will be selling and marketing your products and/or services? Online? Offline? A mixture of both? Where will you marketing yourself and in what way?

Your USP

This common marketing term is short for 'Unique Selling Point'.

What differentiates you from your competition? Is there anything unique about your company image (intended image), your services and/or products, or your method or style of providing these to your customers?

You don't have to be totally novel in your approach to be successful in business, as this is difficult in many saturated industries, but it helps (and this is where branding and image come into it) to try and at least appear to be different in some way.

In short, what is the 'image' and 'company style' you wish to project. What is your brand promise?

(A brand promise is a promise of consistent behavior from your brand; the customer can always rely on you to deliver the same behavior each and every time they interact with you)

Who Are Your Competitors?

Presuming you don't have a completely original business concept, Zuckerberg style, let us know out there is offering the same/similar to yourself. Who do you feel you are competing against in the marketplace?

Your Target Market

Who is your typical customer? Where do they hang out? (Online and offline) and how will be ensuring that you are putting yourself in front of them.

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