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Protecting Your Copyright

In the UK there is no official registration procedure or place to register your copyright ownership, as copyright is an unregistered right requiring no official action to 'effect'.

Copyright comes into effect immediately as soon as something is created, and whilst registering your ownership isn't necessary it's a good idea to mark your work with a copyright symbol ©. This includes your company logo design and anything else that is original to your business; whether that be words or images or a combination of both.

The types of works protected by Copyright law include; original literary works such as novels, manuals, lyrics, original dramatic works, original musical works, and original works of art such as painting, engravings, photographs, sculptures, graphic design/illustration (us!) and so on.

Any logo design or graphic design work you commission and pay for as a client of Truly Ace is protected by Copyright - we pass our Copyright ownership of the original works onto you on receipt of payment for your project, and advise this in our terms and conditions at the time of your quotation.

Your Rights

As a Copyright owner you have a right to control the use of your original designs, and your rights commence as soon as the designs are recorded (including digitally), and you have paid for us to pass the Copyright over to you.

You will have a right to control any copying, adapting, distributing, or communication of your designs.

Protecting Your Copyright

We recommend that as soon as you become the Copyright owner of your commissioned designs that you take measures to prove you are the owner of the copyright - just in case a dispute should ever arise that requires you prove this in a court of law.

There is a method that can help you to prove the date you were the original creator of the original works - either save to disk, or print out (ideally both as disks can become corrupted) your design/s and post then to yourself.

This is recommended as a way of offering some measure of proof - provided you do not open the envelope (very important), of the date that you created the artistic material.

Of course, when it comes to your logo identity, the very best way to secure ownership and rights of use of your logo design is to register it as an official trademark in the UK.

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